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Our wreck lists are provided in two forms. The individual state lists present a list of wrecks for each of the six New England states. The list called "Shipwrecks of New England" is a composite list that includes wrecks from all of the New England states.

Each list contains basic information on the wrecks, as well as links to our individual wreck data pages, where pictures, specifications and more detailed historical information can be found. Click on the buttons below to view the lists. Use your browser's Back arrow to return here.

Shipwrecks of Maine

Shipwrecks of New Hampshire

Shipwrecks of Vermont

Shipwrecks of Massachusetts

Shipwrecks of Rhode Island

Shipwrecks of Connecticut

Shipwrecks of New England


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Shipwreck Buff

We all owe special thanks to diver Bill Carter for his generous and continuing help in creating these wreck lists. Bill is well known to New England divers as a true shipwreck buff. Over the years he has spent countless hours researching and diving on wrecks, and his collection of historical information, photos and artifacts is the best!
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Bill Carter (left) and Dave Clancy

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