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Shipwrecks of New Hampshire

nhmpshir.gif (52583 bytes)The state of New Hampshire has only 13 miles of Atlantic coastline. That's the smallest amount of coastline of any coastal state in the USA. Despite its limited coastline, New Hampshire has long been regarded as a maritime giant because of its huge Portsmouth Navy Yard. To view a map of New Hampshire, click on the thumbnail image at right.

Below is a partial list of the wrecks located in the coastal and inland waters of New Hampshire. Clicking on a Vessel Name link will take you to a wreck data page, where you'll find the wreck's history, specifications and pictures. Use the Back arrow to return here. 

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Shipwrecks of New Hampshire

Vessel Name Type Lost Location Depth
Camilla May Page Schooner 1928 Off Portsmouth, NH 15'
Lady of the Lake Passenger 1895 Lake Winnipesaukee, NH 30'
USS O-9 Submarine 1941 Off Isles of Shoals, NH 430'
Sagunto Frigate 1813 Isles of Shoals, NH  
Samuel J. Goucher * Schooner 1911 Off Isles of Shoals, NH  
Squalus, USS Submarine 1939 Off Portsmouth, NH R
William H. Machen * Freighter 1942 Off Isles of Shoals, NH 300'

* Data page includes pictures

R - Wreck removed

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