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Shipwrecks of Connecticut

connecti.gif (71585 bytes)The state of Connecticut has some 600 miles of undulating coastline along the north shore of Long Island Sound. For centuries the Sound has provided a protected waterway for coastal marine traffic, but over the years it has been the site of numerous shipwrecks. To view a map of Connecticut and Long Island Sound, click on the thumbnail image at right.

Below is a partial list of the wrecks located in the coastal and inland waters of Connecticut. Clicking on a Vessel Name link will take you to a wreck data page, where you'll find the wreck's history, specifications and pictures. Use the Back arrow to return here.

Because Connecticut borders on Long Island Sound, some of the wrecks listed are close to the New York shore. We've included these wrecks here because they are accessible by boat from Connecticut ports.

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Shipwrecks of Connecticut
Vessel Name Type Lost Location Depth

Alice L. Pendleton *

Schooner 1940s Noank, CT 10'

Atlantic *

Passenger 1846 Off Fishers Island, NY 20'


Tug 1971 Off Southold, NY 135'

C. Vanderbilt  *

Passenger 1857 Fishers Island, CT  
Celtic Tug 1984 Off Norwalk, CT 80'
City of Lawrence  Passenger 1907 Off Groton, CT  
Commodore * Passenger 1866 Off Horton Point, NY 30'
Condor  Tug 1983 Off Darien, CT 70'
Cornfield Lightship (LV-51) Lightship 1919 Off Old Saybrook, CT 190'
HMS Culloden Frigate 1781 Off Montauk, NY 20'
Defense  Gunboat 1779 Off Waterford, CT  
USS G-2 Submarine 1915 Off Waterford, CT 60'
USS G-3 *  Submarine 1921 Off Fishers Island, NY  
Glen Island * Passenger 1904 Glen Cove, NY 20'
Gwendolyn Steers  Tug 1962 Off Huntington Harbor, NY 55'
Isabel Passenger 1915 Off Stamford, CT 20'
John A. Downs Tug 1985 Great Gull Island, NY 230'
John H. Starin *  Steamer 1909 Bridgeport Harbor, CT  
Karen E Yacht 1981 Off Greenport, NY  
Lexington Passenger 1840 Off Bridgeport, CT 150'
Maine Passenger 1920 Western L. I. Sound, NY 10'
Myronus * Schooner 1907 Off Bridgeport, CT 60'
Narragansett Passenger 1880 Off Saybrook, CT  
USS Ohio Frigate 1884 Greenport, NY 20'
Olinda Freighter 1895 Off Fishers Island, NY 30'
Poling Brothers #2 Tanker 1940 Off Greenwich, CT 60'
Rye Cliff Ferry 1918 Off Sea Cliff,  NY 10'
Thames * Steamer 1930 Off Norwalk, CT 10'
Thames Tug 1973 Off Southold, NY 130'
Volund * Freighter 1908 Off Fishers Island, NY 95'
Washington * Passenger 1831 Off Stratford, CT 60'

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