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Shipwrecks of Maine

maine.gif (59694 bytes)The state of Maine has some 3,500 miles of undulating coastline and over 2,000 coastal islands. With all that water and coastline, it's no wonder that Maine has an abundance of shipwrecks. To view a map of Maine, click on the thumbnail image at right.

Below is a partial list of the wrecks located in the coastal and inland waters of Maine. Clicking on a Vessel Name link will take you to a wreck data page, where you'll find the wreck's history, specifications and pictures. Use the Back arrow to return here.


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Shipwrecks of Maine
Vessel Name Type Lost Location Depth
A.F. Davison  Schooner 1926 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
HMS Albany *  Sloop-of-War 1782 Penobscot Bay, ME  
Alice E. Clark Schooner 1909 Off Islesboro, ME 60'
Amaretto Fishing 1985 Off Owl's Head, ME 120'
Angel Gabriel Gallion 1635 Off Pemaquid Point - Bristol, ME  
Annie C. Maguire Barque 1886 Cape Elizabeth, ME 30'
Ashmore * Barque 1918 off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Bay State Passenger 1916 Cape Elizabeth, ME 10'
Bohemian Passenger 1864 Cape Elizabeth, ME 30'
Cambridge Passenger 1886 Off Port Clyde, ME 50'
Carolyn *  Steamer 1912 Metinic Island, ME  
Castine Passenger 1935 Off Vinalhaven, ME  
Charles Schooner 1807 Off Cape Elizabeth, ME  
Charles H. Trickey Schooner 1920 Cape Porpoise, ME  
City of Portland Passenger 1884 Off Owl's Head, ME 20'
City of Richmond * Steamer 1881 Penobscot Bay, ME  
Cora F. Cressy Schooner 1938 Medomac, ME  
Cumberland * Tug 1917 Vinalhaven Harbor, ME  
D. M. Munro Freighter 1943 Machias Bay, ME  
D. T. Sheridan Tug 1948 Monhegan Island, ME  
Defence Brig 1779 Stockton Harbor, ME 20'
Don * Excursion 1941 Casco Bay, ME  
Edna M. McKnight * Schooner 1927 Boothbay Harbor, ME 20'
Edward J. Lawrence * Schooner 1925 Portland Harbor, ME 10'
Empire Knight Freighter 1944 Off Boon Island, ME 80'
Emperor * Steamer 1872 Penobscot Bay, ME  
F. C. Pendleton Schooner 1930s Off Islesboro, ME 40'
Gardner G. Deering * Schooner 1930s Off Brooksville, ME 30'
Georgia Steamer 1875 Nor. Triangles, Penobscot Bay, ME  
Gypsum King * Tug 1906 Off Grand Manan Island, NB 35'
Hada County * Steamer 1941 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Harkness * Tug 1992 Off Matinicus Island, ME 100'
Hartwelson * Freighter 1943 Off Boothbay, ME 30'
Helen B. Crosby Schooner 1906 Penobscot Bay, ME  
Helen Eliza Fishing 1869 Casco Bay, ME  
Hesper Schooner 1930s Wiscasset, ME  
Hestia Steamer 1909 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Humacao * Steamer 1885 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Imperial  Ship 1869 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Irvington Tug 1914 Off Owl's Head, ME 50'
Joseph S. Zeman * Schooner 1922 Off Metinic Island, ME 50'
Luther Little Schooner 1930s Wiscasset, ME  
Lord Ashburton * Barque 1857 Grand Manan Island, NB  
Mary E. Olys Schooner 1920 Cape Porpoise, ME  
Mavournee Barque 1866 Grand Manan Island, NB 90'
Nancy Brig 1780 Portland Head, ME 30'
Nottingham * Galley 1710 Boon Island, ME  
Novadoc Freighter 1947 Off Portland, ME 400'
Oakey L. Alexander Collier 1947 Cape Elizabeth, ME 20'
USS PE-56 Patrol Boat 1945 Off Cape Elizabeth, ME  
Polias Freighter 1920 Off Port Clyde, ME 40'
Robert G. Cann * Freighter 1946 Off Grand Manan Island, NB 400'
Royal Tar Passenger 1836 Off Vinalhaven (ME)  
USS S-21 Submarine 1945 Off Cape Elizabeth, ME 120'
Sagamore Freighter 1934 Off Prouts Neck, ME 40'
Susan P. Thurlow Schooner 1897 Casco Bay, ME  
Turkish Empire Ship 1879 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Twilight Passenger 1921 Moosehead Lake, ME 30'
Ulysses * Steamer 1878 Rockland Harbor, ME  
Velma  Schooner 1900 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Wandby Freighter 1921 Off Kennebunkport, ME 20'
Warwick Steamer 1896 Off Grand Manan Island, NB  
Washington B. Thomas Schooner 1903 Off Prouts Neck, ME 20'

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