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This guide provides brief descriptions of the contents of all the main pages on this site. These descriptions are listed in the same order as the links on the Site Navigator (left side of screen).

Home Page
The starting page of this Web site. It includes an Introduction and tips on navigating the site.

Site Guide
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Photo Galleries
This page will lead you to our Photo Galleries. The galleries contain a variety of wreck-related and New England photos.

Shipwreck Videos
Here you will find some interesting wreck videos.

Trivia Quiz
Our Trivia Quiz provides a chance for you to test your knowledge of shipwreck and maritime history trivia.

Artifact Quiz
Our Artifact Quiz provides pictures of nautical artifacts for you to identify.

Hall of Fame
Our Hall of Fame page is dedicated to several well-known New England wreck hunters who are no longer with us.

Nautical Sound Clips 
Here we provide a collection of nautical sounds. They include fog horns, sonar pings, whale sounds and more.

Wreck Lists
This page provides links to all of our Wreck Lists. Here you'll find lists for each of the six New England states. You'll also find a list here called Shipwrecks of New England; it is a composite of all the state lists. All of the lists are arranged in alphabetical order by vessel name. Clicking on a vessel name link will take you to an individual wreck data page, where you'll find the vessel's history, specifications and pictures.

Wreck Map
This interactive Google Map shows the locations of our listed wrecks and provides links to more info on them.

Grand Manan
This Canadian island off the Maine Coast is famous for its shipwrecks.

AWOIS Database
An introduction to NOAA's extensive and useful AWOIS database.

USS Constitution
A tribute to the USS Constitution, America's oldest warship.

U-Boat Facts and Legends
This page presents facts and legends about World War II German U-boats in New England waters. It also includes a photo gallery.

Saint John Tragedy
This page tells the story of the immigrant ship Saint John which was wrecked off Cohasset (MA) in 1849.

Nova Scotia Shipwrecks 
Nova Scotia is home to a tresure trove of shipwrecks. This page contains historical information, photos and links to related Websites.

Shipwreck Research
Historical research is fascinating activity for some wreckhunters. It used to be done in libraries, but now much of it is done online. This page provides tips and links for for shipwreck researchers.

Searching for Wrecks
Searching for shipwrecks usually involves the use of a boat. And in order to conduct a serious search, you'll need to be familiar with boat handling, navigation, search techniques, and the use of high-tech electronic gear such as depth sounders and GPS. This page provides basic information on searching, and links to more detailed resources.

Technical Diving
Here you'll find an introduction to technical (tech) diving, and links to related Web sites.

Artifact Handling
Shipwreck artifacts often need special handling and treatment. Timing and a knowledge of chemistry are important factors in proper artifact preservation. This page provides tips on preservation and the best ways to display your artifacts.

Government Regulations
In the United States, government regulation of shipwrecks varies from state-to-state. The federal government also plays a role in this activity. On this page we provide links to a variety of government regulations and agencies.

Nautical Archaeology
Academic archaeologists have a keen interest in what they call "submerged cultural resources." In layman's terms, that means "shipwrecks." Here we provide some basic information on nautical archaeology techniques and links to archaeological projects and museums around the world. 

Commercial Salvage
In the eyes of nautical archaeologist, most commercial salvors are bad guys. Today, most salvors practice their trade with consideration for the historical value of older wrecks. This page discusses certain aspects of commercial salvage.

Famous Wrecks Worldwide
This page provides brief histories and pictures of famous wrecks worldwide. Some are famous because of the large numbers of lives lost, others because of their political importance at the time of sinking, and still others because they are spectacular dive sites.

New England Maritime History
This page provides background information on the rich maritime history of New England and its rugged coastline.

Maps & Charts
This page contains a collection of New England maps and nautical charts. It also contains links to online map and chart resources.

Online Chart Viewer
This page provides an introduction and link to NOAA's useful and free Online Chart Viewer.

Weather, Tides & Currents
This page provides links to The Weather Channel, NOAA Marine Weather Forecasts and other weather, tide and current information. Several excellent books are also described. Also provided are links to two fascinating Web sites on The Perfect Storm.

This page is included especially for computer-savvy wreck hunters. Here we provide links to a wide variety of Web sites on New England, diving, boating, shipwrecks, maritime history and other related topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Here we provide answers to some of the questions that visitors ask about the content and organization of this site.

On this page we list the names of our volunteer editors, contributors and advisors. Without these people, this site would not exist.

Author's Notes
Here is where our author tells a little about himself and the origin of this Website.

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This page provide links to all of our author Dave Clancy's shipwreck sites.

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