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shipwrecks, ship wrecks, database, maine, new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut, new york, united states, usa, nova scotia, canada Welcome to Hunting New England Shipwrecks. This site was created with the help of several of my friends and fellow divers. As you explore the site, you'll find that it provides historical backgrounds, pictures and other information on some of New England's best-known shipwrecks. It also provides maps and charts of the area, and detailed information on locating and diving on wrecks. This site also contains a Links page and a Message Board, where you can post and read comments on wreck-related topics.

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New England Shipwrecks

The waters along the New England coast are beautiful but treacherous. Over the years, rocky shoals, storms and fog have claimed many vessels. Some are sunk in deep water, while others can be found near shore and even on the beaches. Some ships didn't even have to sink to become wrecks. The schooners Hesper and Luther Little (below), rotted away at a wharf in Wiscasset, Maine.

Hesper and Luther Little (1976 photo)

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Nantucket Lightship LV-112

Restoration of the old Nantucket Lightship LV-112 is underway in Boston Harbor. Our site contributor and fellow diver Bob Mannino is heading up this fundraising and restoration project.  To learn more about the project click here.

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