Hunting New England Shipwrecks

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To help you get the most out of your Web browsing experiences, we have put together this list of links to some of our favorite shipwreck, nautical and research sites. Our editors have checked out these sites and think they are generally interesting and well-designed. To go to a particular site, click on its highlighted link. The site will appear in a pop-up window.

New England Dive Charters
Easy Diver (MA) 
Atlantis Dive Charters (CT, RI, NY)
Cape Ann Divers (MA)
Boston Harbor Diving Company (MA)  
Wahoo Dive Charters (MA, RI, NY, NJ)
Wreck Valley Dive Charters (NY, NJ)
East Coast Divers (MA) 
Thunderfish (MA, RI, CT) 
Newport Diving Center (RI, CT) 
Narragansett Pier Dive Shop (RI) 
Eastern Dive Boat Association - Directory 
Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions (MA, RI, NY) 
Ninigret Divers (RI, NY) 

New England Dive Shops
Aquatic Escapes (NH) 
United Divers (MA)
Cape Ann Divers (MA) 
East Coast Divers (MA) 
South Shore Divers (MA) 
North Atlantic Scuba (MA) 
Mass Diving (MA) 
Northeast Scuba (MA) 
Atlantic Divers (MA) 
Divers Market (MA) 
Vineyard Scuba (MA) 
B & M Distributing (RI) 
Narragansett Pier Dive Shop (RI) 
Newport Diving Center (RI) 
Orbit Marine Sport Center (CT) 
The Dive Shop (CT) 
Diver's Cove (CT) 
Rex Dive Center (CT) 
New England Dive Center (CT) 
International Scuba Diving (CT) 
New England Dive Clubs & Organizations 
United Divers of New Hampshire (NH) 
South Shore Neptunes (MA) 
Bay State Council of Divers (MA) 
New England Aquarium Dive Club (MA) 
Metro West Dive Club (MA) 
North Shore Frogmen (MA) 
Mass Bay Divers (MA) 
Boston Sea Rovers (MA) 
MIT Scuba Club (MA)
Merrimac Valley Dive Club (MA) 
New England Cold Water Divers (MA)
Diverdors (MA) 
Rogue Island Divers (MA & RI) 
Brown University Diving Club (RI)
SECONN Dive Club (CT)
Innerspace Explorers Dive Club (CT)
Gillmen Dive Club (CT)
Fairfield County Diving Association (CT)
New England Shipwreck Information
Massachusetts Board of U/W Archaeological Resources (BUAR)
Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project
Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve (VT& NY) 
National Marine Sanctuaries (Maritime Archaeology) 
Sound Underwater Survey (New England wrecks) 
Boston Deep Wrecks (Wrecks off Boston) 
Aqua Explorers (New England wrecks)
Stinch's Shipwrecks (NY & New England wrecks) 
Deepscape.com (Jim Lee's New England Shipwreck photos) 
RMS Republic (Wrecked off Nantucket) 
NOAA's Shipwreck Database (AWOIS)
USCG Marine Casualty Reports (1947 to Present) 
Haze Gray and Underway (Naval History & Photos) 
Abandoned Maine Schooners 
SeacoastNH.com (U-boats at Portsmouth Navy Yard) 
Freighter on Cape Cod Beach (Eldia grounded in 1984) 
Shipwreck Coordinates (NY, NJ & New England) 
Scuba-NewEngland.com (Web portal for divers)
Northern Shipwreck Database (North American Shipwrecks) 
Coast Guard Photos (Vessels, Disasters, etc.) 
Expedition Whydah (Cape Cod's pirate ship)
Hunting New England Shipwrecks (this site) 
Shipwrecks Beyond New England
Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia (our sister site) 
NOAA's Shipwreck Database AWOIS 
Coast Guard Photos (Vessels, Disasters, etc.) 
National Marine Sanctuaries (Maritime Archaeology) 
Ship Research Worldwide (Includes Photo Resources) 
U.S. Coast Guard - Shipwreck Guide
USCG Marine Casualty Reports (1947 to Present) 
U.S. NTSB Marine Accident Reports 
Haze Gray and Underway (Naval History & Photos) 
U-boat.net (German Submarines of World War II) 
Cargolaw.com (Marine Casualty Reports & Pictures) 
 Lost Liners (PBS) 
California Wreck Divers Club 
New Jersey Scuba Diver (an excellent site!!!)
Association of Underwater Explorers (Shipwrecks - DE to FL)
North Carolina Wreck Diving 
Great Lakes Shipwreck Research 
U.S. Merchant Marine (Ship Losses and More)
Steamboat Arabia Museum (Kansas City) 
Diveindex.com (Worldwide Shipwreck Links) 
TheShipsList.com (Worldwide Shipwreck List) 
Northern Shipwreck Database (North American Shipwrecks) 
Shipwreck Coordinates (NY, NJ & New England) 
Worldwide Maritime Links (a huge list of links) 
Our page U-Boats  
Our page Nova Scotia Shipwrecks  
Our page Famous Wrecks Worldwide  
Wreck Artifacts & Ship Construction
NJScuba.net (Artifacts & Ship Construction)
Stinch's Shipwrecks (Artifact Preservation) 
Haze Gray's Shipbuilding Page 
Our page Artifact Identification Contest 

Dive Shows & Events  
Boston Sea Rovers (MA)
Beneath the Sea (NY & NJ) 
Diving Web Portals 

Diving TV Shows, Videos & Photos
Divers Down TV ( New England Sports Network) 
Deepscape.com (Jim Lee's Shipwreck Photos ) 
Deep Sea Photography (Brad Sheard's Photos) 
Hitler's Lost Sub (NOVA) 
Lost Liners (PBS) 
Diving Books, Magazines & E-zines 
Sport Diver Magazine (Online Edition)  
Diving-related books (from SeaGypsies.org) 
Scuba Training Agencies 
Scuba Training Agencies (Names & Contact Information)
Diving Physiology & Safety 
Scuba Diving Explained (Physiological aspects of diving) 
DAN - Divers Alert Network 
Technical Diving  
Technical Diving (NOAA Ocean Explorer)  
Commercial Salvage 
Professional Shipwreck Explorers Association  
Institute of Marine Archaeological Conservation 

Nautical Archaeology
National Marine Sanctuaries (Maritime Archaeology) 
Nautical Archaeology Links List (Texas A & M) 
Submerged Resources Center (National Park Service) 
Marine Technology
Marine Technology Society (Links List)

Klein Associates (Side-scan Sonar)
Global Explorer (ROV Systems)
Aquariums & Sea Creatures
New England Aquarium 
Monterey Bay Aquarium 
National Aquarium - Baltimore 
Georgia Aquarium 

Maritime History, Museums & Galleries
Maritime Museums - Worldwide Links 
The Mariners' Museum (Newport News, VA)
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
Submarine U-505 (Museum of Science & Industry - Chicago)
Mel Fisher's Maritime Heritage Society & Museum 
Art of the Sea Gallery 

Geneology Research 

TheShipsList.com (Immigrant Ships & Resource Links)  
Ellis Island Database (Look up your family history) 
Immigrants to Canada  (Immigrant Ships & Resource Links) 

New England Webcams 
Florida Keys Webcams (All divers love the Keys)

Information for Boaters

MaineHarbors.com (New England boating and more) 
BostonBoating.com (New England boating and more) 
USCG - District 1 Local Notice to Mariners (New England) 
USCG - District 1 News (New England) 
The Weather Channel 
NOAA Marine Weather 
Google Maps (Worldwide Maps & Satellite Images) 
Maptech.com (Maps and Charts)
Glossary of Nautical Terms (Wikipedia) 

Government Regulations on Shipwrecks
Massachusetts Board of U/W Archaeological Resources (BUAR) 
Lake Champlain Underwater Historic Preserve (VT& NY) 
Rhode Island Marine Archaeology Project 
Submerged Resources Center (National Park Service) 
Salty Movies/Videos 
"Run Silent, Run Deep" (1958) 
"The Guns of Navarone" (1961) 
"The Russians are Coming" (1966) 
"Jaws" (1975) 
"The Deep" (1977) 
"Das Boot" (1982) 
"The Hunt for Red October" (1990) 
"Captain Ron" (1992) 
"Titanic" (1997) 
"U-571" (2000) 
"K-19: The Widowmaker" (2002)
Miscellaneous Good Stuff
Graveyard of Ships  (New York Harbor) 
NOAA's Diving Page  
Yankee Magazine (Great New England Regional Magazine) 
Visible Earth (NASA Satellite Images) 

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