Hunting New England Shipwrecks

Peter Throckmorton (1928-1990)

throck-76.JPG (33673 bytes)Peter Throckmorton, pictured at right (click image to enlarge), grew up on the Maine coast, where he developed a passion for old ships. His academic career led him to become one of the founders of the nautical archaeology field. Over the years, Peter taught many students about ship history and led underwater archaeology projects around the world. He also wrote several popular books on the subject.

falkwreck1.JPG (35938 bytes)One of Peters well-known projects was the expedition he led in the 1970s to the Falkland Islands (off Argentina) to study old ships. Because of their location near Cape Horn, the Falklands became the final resting place of many old ships in the 19th century. These ships limped into Port Stanley after a difficult passage around the Horn. The picture above shows Peter in the Falklands. The picture at right (click to enlarge) shows details of one of the Falkland derelicts.

Because of his knowledge of old ships and his New England roots, Peter Throckmorton was a friend and mentor to many New England divers and shipwreck researchers.


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