Hunting New England Shipwrecks

Paul Sherman (1947-1987)

ps-deadeye.JPG (31363 bytes)Paul Sherman, pictured at right (click image to enlarge), was born and raised in Rockport, Massachusetts. As a young man growing up on the coast, Paul developed a love of the sea and a keen interest in maritime history. After becoming a certified diver, he began researching and exploring shipwrecks. Over the next few years, he researched the history of thousands of New England and Canadian wrecks.

In 1965, Paul created and published a map of Cape Ann shipwrecks. In the years that followed, he wrote wreck-related articles for several  magazines and newspapers, and made educational shipwreck presentations throughout New England. Those articles and presentations helped a generation of divers and armchair adventurers learn about wrecks and maritime history.

Paul's career experiences included time spent as a high school teacher, founder of a diving equipment manufacturing company and on-site representative of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the pirate ship Whydah excavation project.

Although Paul had a busy schedule of work and family responsibilities, he was always willing to take time out to share his special knowledge of shipwrecks and the sea with anyone who wanted to learn. 


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