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Commercial Salvage

hardhat3.JPG (14595 bytes)The hardhat diver at right represents commercial salvage in the early 20th Century. Those were the days when daring young men risked their lives underwater to salvage valuable ships and cargos. They used primitive gear and almost never had to deal with government regulations. Today, commercial salvage is still a business where men risk their lives underwater, but now their gear is more high tech and the industry has to deal with all kinds of regulations. These changes have made modern commercial salvage a complicated and high-risk business.

Since our editors are not commercial salvage experts, we won't try to explain what it's all about. Instead, we've provided the following links to some excellent Websites on the subject. Click on the links below to view these sites in a new window. Close the window to return here.

Professional Shipwreck Explorers Association  
Institute of Marine Archaeological Conservation 
The Ocean Corporation

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