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For your convenience and enjoyment, we have linked the Maptech MapServer to our site. The MapServer allows you to view topographic maps and nautical charts online -- free of charge. Using this service, you can display a map or chart for a specific area, change the scale, re-center the view, determine the Lat/Lon coordinates for any point, and customize the view with icons and/or text. Once you have the map or chart the way you want it, you can save it to a disk, print it, or e-mail it to a friend. 

To go to the MapServer, click on the aqua button.

 When the MapServer screen appears, do the following:

Virtual GPS Calculator
Because the MapServer is a free program intended to promote Maptech's electronic chart products, it lacks certain navigation features such as a distance/bearing calculator. Another site on the Web, www.zenithair.com, contains a Virtual GPS calculator. With this calculator, you can determine the distance and compass bearings between any two points (Lat/Lon coordinates). If you want to use this calculator in conjunction with the MapServer, click here to display the calculator in a new window. 


Another Useful Calculator
You've probably noticed that Lat/Lon coordinates are sometimes expressed in different ways. Depending on the source, they may be expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds, or in degrees, minutes and decimal minutes. Decimal minutes allow a more accurate representation than seconds, because a minute can only be divided into 60 seconds. The Website OzHoliday.net provides an easy-to-use seconds-decimal calculator for converting seconds into decimal minutes and vice-versa.


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