Hunting New England Shipwrecks

David Knibbs (1953-2002)

knibbs.jpg (45481 bytes)Dave Knibbs was a lifelong resident of Bristol, Connecticut and the loving father of two children. In his professional career, he was a PhD microbiologist and director of the Electron Microscope Laboratory at Hartford Hospital. Dave died unexpectedly in 2002 at the young age of 49, while out on his daily jog.

Dave was an enthusiastic scuba diver and friend and mentor to many New England divers. He was a member and past-president of the Albatross Scuba Club of Bristol, Connecticut, and a member of several other diving groups. Dave originally became a diver because of his interest in marine biology, but he soon got interested in shipwrecks, and wreck diving became his passions. In his 25-year diving career, Dave visited and explored over 100 New England shipwrecks. And along with his diver friends, he did extensive historical research on many of those wrecks. In the 1990s, Dave collaborated with several other divers on the production of a series of books on Rhode Island shipwrecks.

 Dave Knibbs was a friend and inspiration to many New England divers and will long be remembered for his kindness and enthusiasm.


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