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Side scan sonar is a system used to generate electronic underwater images. It was developed by MIT professor Harold Edgerton back in the 1960s. Doc Edgerton was a great friend of New England wreck divers and is listed in our Hall of Fame.

This gallery contains a collection of sonar shipwreck images. Most of them are of New England wrecks and were generated on equipment manufactured by Klein Associates of Salem, NH. To help you interpret these images, we have included two views of the schooner Hamilton, that sank in Lake Ontario in 1813. The first view shows the side scan image of the wreck sitting upright in 300' of water, with her masts still intact. The second view is an artist's sketch that shows what the wreck really looks like. For more sonar images, click here to view Klein's Sonar Image Gallery.

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marine-group.jpg (11808 bytes) vineyardlight2.jpg (47847 bytes) towingfish-sciam.gif (25767 bytes)
Launching a towfish
Vineyard Lightship (MA)
(Klein Associates)
Scanning an area
 (Scientific American)
hamilton1.JPG (28494 bytes) hamilton-sketch.JPG (36394 bytes) empire_knight.jpg (43119 bytes)
Hamilton scan
Lake Ontario
(National Geographic)
Hamilton sketch
interpreting the  scan
(National Geographic)
Empire Knight (ME)
stern section
champgunboat-klein.jpg (34889 bytes) cowin-klein1.JPG (25128 bytes) cowin-marmus.jpg (23020 bytes)
1776 Gunboat
Lake Champlain (VT)
William B. Cowin (MA)
(Klein Associates)
Cowin (form'ly Mayflower)
see sonar image at left
(Mariners Museum)
mars1.JPG (19553 bytes) romance1.JPG (26163 bytes) salisbury-bow1.JPG (34515 bytes)
Tug Mars (MA)
(Klein Associates)
Steamer Romance (MA)
(Klein Associates)
City of Salisbury (MA)
bow section
(Klein Associates)

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