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New England Wrecks

Below are pictures of several well-known New England shipwrecks. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images. Click on the vessel name links to view the wreck data pages. 

cityofcolumbus1.JPG (75748 bytes) argomerchant-noaa.jpg (31275 bytes) anniecmaguire1.JPG (22137 bytes)
City of Columbus
off Martha's Vineyard, MA
(Paul Sherman collection)
Argo Merchant
off Nantucket, MA
(NOAA photo)
Annie C. Maguire
at Portland Head, ME
(Paul Sherman collection)
hesper8.JPG (38714 bytes) philadelphia2.JPG (27706 bytes) squalus-nyt2.JPG (65601 bytes)
Hesper and Luther Little
Wiscassset, ME
(Photo by author)
Gunboat Philadelphia
Lake Champlain
(Smithsonian Magazine)
USS Squalus
off Portsmouth, NH
(Author's collection)
AliceEClark1.jpg (49102 bytes) cityofsalisbury1.JPG (44042 bytes) fortmercer1-uscg.JPG (17728 bytes)
Alice E. Clark
off Islesboro, ME
(Author's collection)
City of Salisbury
Outer Boston Harbor
(Author's collection)
Fort Mercer
off Chatham, MA
(U.S. Coast Guard)
ri-wreckphoto.jpg (43459 bytes) angela2-1978.JPG (32552 bytes) monhegan-quinn.JPG (24622 bytes)
Steamer Rhode Island
Narragansett Bay
(Peabody Essex Museum)
Barge Anglea
Buzzards Bay
(Photo by author)
Steamer Monhegan
Narragansett Bay
(Bill Quinn collection)
nanlightship-nyt.jpg (43703 bytes) andreadoria-life.jpg (25552 bytes) portland4-mainemaracad.JPG (32321 bytes)
Nantucket Lightship
off Nantucket
(Author's collection)
Andrea Doria
off Nantucket
(Author's collection)
Steamer Portland
off Cape Cod
(Maine Maritime Academy)

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