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New England Maritime History

New England has a rich maritime heritage. Between the Pilgrim's landing in 1620 and today's modern world, many events and eras have taken place along its beautiful and treacherous coastline. We can't tell the whole story here, but these images will give you an idea of what it's all about.

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nanlightship2.JPG (31546 bytes) bos-tea-party.JPG (48090 bytes) philadelphia2.JPG (27706 bytes)
Nantucket Lightship
rammed and sank in 1934
(Author's collection)
Boston Tea Party - 1772
protesting British taxation
(Author's collection)
Gunboat Philadelphia
sank in Lake Champlain
(Smithsonian Institution)
clipper-poster1.JPG (45908 bytes) mckay-clipper-boston.JPG (30415 bytes) mckay-clipper-lightning1.JPG (21721 bytes)
Gold Rush era clippers
from Boston and New York
(Peabody Essex Museum)
Clipper under construction
McKay's yard - Boston
(Paul Sherman collection)
Clipper ship Lightning
built in Boston
(Author's collection)
newbedford-waterfront.JPG (24480 bytes) scrimshaw1.JPG (23540 bytes) whaling4.JPG (32033 bytes)
New Bedford waterfront
with whale ships & oil casks
(New Bedford Whaling Mus.)
Scrimshaw - sailor's folk art
on ivory or whalebone
(Author's collection)
Artist's whaling scene
a dangerous job
(Author's collection)
whitestar1-nps.JPG (235079 bytes) whaleship-newbed.JPG (36229 bytes) amer-line-poster.JPG (27510 bytes)
White Star Line poster
from the 1890s
(National Park Service)
New Bedford whaleship
(New Bedford Whaling Mus.)
Early steamship poster
(Peabody Essex Museum)
hull-lss1.JPG (26175 bytes) lifeboat-rescue2.JPG (49964 bytes) hesper8.JPG (38714 bytes)
Hull (MA) lifesaving service
ready for action|
(Peabody Essex Museum)
Shipwreck rescue scene
(Mystic Seaport Museum)
Wiscasset schooners
removed in 1999
(1980 photo by author)
nightboat-lg.JPG (59593 bytes) rosestandish1.JPG (20592 bytes) ruthemerrill-launch1904.JPG (36471 bytes)
Coastal steamer - nightboat
popular a century ago
(South Street Seaport)
Steamer Rose Standish
Boston to Nantasket Beach
(Peabody Essex Museum)
Launch of schooner
Ruth E. Merrill - 1904
(Bill Carter collection)
battleship-nj-quincy1.JPG (46531 bytes) constitution1-nps.JPG (28804 bytes) morgan-mystic1.JPG (30217 bytes)
Building the battleship
New Jersey at Quincy, MA
(Author's collection)
USS Constitution - Boston
U.S. Navy's oldest ship
(National Park Service)
Whaleship C. W. Morgan
Mystic Seaport, CT
(Mystic Seaport Museum)
rosie.JPG (25995 bytes) revcut-insp-uscg.jpg (68785 bytes) fighead-mystic.jpg (19789 bytes)
Rosie the Riveter
women's icon of WW-II
(Norman Rockwell Museum)
Revenue cutter inspection
of 1880s merchant ship
(USCG History Website)
Ship's figurehead
Mystic Seaport, CT
(Photo by author)
mark5-si.JPG (21549 bytes) surfman-hazegray.jpg (41381 bytes) bostonportland-ad.jpg (67575 bytes)
Morse Mark 5 helmet
made in Boston
(Photo by author)
Surfman on patrol
U.S. Lifesaving Service
Portland Line advertisement
from 1870s
(Author's collection)

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