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Over the years many ships have run aground, and continue to run aground, along the New England coast. Some groundings are the result of  fog, wind and other natural phenomena. Others are caused by navigation errors or careless piloting. Many of these grounded vessels are hauled off and put back in service. But many more are damaged beyond repair and end up in the scrap yard. Below are pictures of some of the ships grounded in New England over the past century. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images in a new window. Close the window to return here.

beavertail-msm.JPG (45874 bytes) eldia4-fowler.JPG (33074 bytes) kateharding1.JPG (24386 bytes)
Beaver Tail aground in 1938
on Conanicut Island, RI
(Author's collection)
Eldia stranded in 1984
on Cape Cod, MA
(Larry Fowler's Eldia Website)
Kate Harding in 1892
on Cape Cod, MA
(Bill Carter collection)
columbia2-1898-scituate.jpg (26153 bytes) olddominion-1901-ryeny.JPG (25493 bytes) wandby-1921-kennebunkport.JPG (22009 bytes)
Pilot boat Columbia in 1938
on beach at Scituate, MA
(Paul Sherman collection)
Steamer Old Dominion in 1901
in Long Island Sound
(Author's collection)
Freighter Wandby in 1921
at Kennebunkport, ME
(Bill Carter collection)
dtsheridan-1948-monhegan.JPG (17461 bytes) onondaga2.JPG (16918 bytes) nancy-1927-hullma.JPG (23293 bytes)
Tug D.T. Sheridan in 1948
on Monhegan Island, ME
(Bill Carter collection)
Freighter Onondaga in 1907
stranded on Cape Cod (MA)
(Mariners Museum)
Schooner Nancy in 1927
on Nantasket Beach, Hull, MA
(Paul Sherman collection)
cimbria-mtdesert-1899.JPG (19522 bytes) govcarr-1938-jamestown.JPG (25143 bytes) gen-greene1.JPG (23873 bytes)
Steamer Cimbria in 1899
on Mount Desert Island, ME
(Paul Sherman collection)
Ferry Governor Carr in 1938
stranded at Jamestown, RI
(Bill Carter collection)
USCG cutter General Greene
on Cape Cod beach in 1960
(Bill Carter collection)

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