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Only a small percentage people become divers. But those who do, get to explore the underwater world, meet interesting people, and enjoy some neat experiences. New England divers are a particularly hearty breed because they do most of their diving in cold water. The pictures in this gallery show a variety of New England diving activities.

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hardhat3.JPG (14595 bytes) chip_4_7.jpg (21824 bytes) lobster1.jpg (28236 bytes)
Doing it the hard way
Bill Carter collection)
Diver Chip Kelly
ready to hit the water
Better than an artifact
Paul Greene's catch
(Photo by author)
icedivers.JPG (22509 bytes) intowater3.JPG (30140 bytes) outofwater.JPG (12735 bytes)
Ice diving with the
South Shore Neptunes
(Photo by author)
Into the water
(Photo by author)
Back on the boat
(Photo by author)
plandive.JPG (35166 bytes) surf-int3.JPG (40870 bytes) uw-diver.JPG (25498 bytes)
Planning the dive
(Photo by author)
Surface interval
on Bill Palmer's Pilotfish
(Photo by author)
Exploring a wreck
(Paul Sherman collection)
bradluther-77.JPG (16538 bytes) deco_stop.jpg (8059 bytes) hohman1.JPG (15514 bytes)
Brad Luther (center)
a pioneer wreck hunter
(1980 photo by author)
Decompression stop
(Photo from the Web)
Diver Joe Hohman
with another nice find
(Photo by author)
baleen-lydon.jpg (28337 bytes) calhoun-clancy-2002.jpg (51020 bytes) ri-divers-2002.jpg (41179 bytes)
Bob Yeagle (left), John Lydon
& Dave Daley with artifacts
(John Lydon collection)
Fred Calhoun & Dave Clancy
long-time dive buddies
(Author's collection)
Dave Knibbs, John Stanford
& Al Langner - dive buddies
(Photo by author)

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