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One of the activities that motivate many wreck divers is collecting artifacts. Shipwreck artifacts are objects, usually man-made, that were parts of the ship or cargo, or personal items that belonged to the crew or passengers. The artifacts pictured here, help tell the stories of the lost ships and the people on board. Many divers take great pride in restoring their artifacts and displaying them for others to see.

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stfran-lantern1.JPG (36671 bytes) herb-bell1.JPG (42379 bytes) ps-deadeye.JPG (31363 bytes)
Rusty Carter with lantern
from the Saint Francis
(Bill Carter collection)
Restored bell from Herbert
(Bill Carter collection)
Paul Sherman shows off
a nice deadeye
(Photo by author)
853-plate1.JPG (35097 bytes) 853-plate2.JPG (21157 bytes) mfl-port2.JPG (23343 bytes)
Dinner plate from U-853
(Photo by author)
Close-up of U-853 plate
(Photo by author)
Diver Mike LaMarre
with porthole from Grecian
(Photo by author)
dc-ps-ports.JPG (19107 bytes) gall-sword1.JPG (44574 bytes) rom-telegraph1.JPG (32891 bytes)
Author & Palmer Sargent
with Zeman portholes
(Author's collection)
Sword from Albert Gallatin
(Bill Carter collection)
Engine room telegraph
from Romance
(Bill Carter collection)
port-board.JPG (46724 bytes) sweetsue1.JPG (30082 bytes) ang-clock1.JPG (33919 bytes)
Diver Joe Hohman's
porthole collection
(Photo by author)
Diver Bryan Carter with
 Sweet Sue
(Bill Carter collection)
Nautical clock made from
Angela porthole
(Bill Carter collection)
yankport-table.JPG (21566 bytes) dog-knocker.JPG (20460 bytes) deadeye-lamp.JPG (11740 bytes)
Table made from
USS Yankee porthole
(Author's collection)
Door knocker made from
porthole dog
(Bill Carter collection)
Deadeye lamp
(Bill Carter collection)

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