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USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, U.S. NavyThe USS Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, is definitely not a shipwreck. But it is the oldest commissioned ship in the U.S. Navy. The Constitution is a famous New England-built ship, and a rare surviving example of early warship construction. On permanent exhibit in Boston Harbor, the Constitution is available for touring year-round and free of charge. When you visit Boston, be sure to tour the USS Constitution.

Built  in Boston, in 1797, the Constitution is a 44-gun wood-hulled frigate. Her nickname "Old Ironsides" comes from the fact that cannon balls bounced off her sides while in combat in the War of 1812. Constitution was one of America's first warships and has a long history of service to the U.S. Navy.

The gallery below contains a collection of pictures of the USS Constitution. Most of the photos are by our author Dave Clancy. Enjoy!


Constitution Gallery
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constitution-painting1.gif (82287 bytes) constitution-poster-lg.jpg (49875 bytes) constitution-guerriere.jpg (73593 bytes)
USS Constitution
was built in Boston in 1797
(USS Constitution Website)
Constitution is the oldest
ship in the U.S. Navy
(Navy recruiting poster)
In her most famous battle
she destroyed the HMS
in the War of 1812
constitution-loc.jpg (62119 bytes) constitution-scrim.JPG (51775 bytes) constitution4-usn.jpg (50904 bytes)
For years, Constitution
was used as a Navy barracks
(Library of Congress)
In the 1930s she was
completely restored as a
museum ship
Each summer Constitution
does a tug-assisted turn-
around in Boston Harbor
constitution-sign.JPG (18595 bytes) constitution-map.gif (27268 bytes) constitution-security.jpg (22293 bytes)
Constitution is docked at
the Charlestown Navy Yard
near downtown Boston
You can get there by car
tour bus, or a 15-minute walk
from North Station
Security is tight on the ship -
much like airport security
constitution-0973.jpg (30720 bytes) constitution-plan.gif (68926 bytes) constitution-0989.jpg (64809 bytes)
Here's Constitution at her
dock in Boston
Click the plan above for a
virtual ship tour on the
USS Constitution Website
Deadeyes are used to adjust
the standing rigging
constitution-0983.jpg (88909 bytes) constitution-1001.jpg (56914 bytes) constitution-0998.jpg (66275 bytes)
Stern view of the ship Note the line of people
on the gangplank
The Captain's gig
constitution-0994.jpg (97542 bytes) constitution-0995.jpg (84397 bytes) constitution-1004.jpg (93184 bytes)
The Spar Deck - looking
toward the bow
Cannons line the Spar Deck
and Gun Deck
The capstan is used
to haul in lines
constitution-1005.jpg (102053 bytes) constitution-1006.jpg (94404 bytes) constitution-0991.jpg (48145 bytes)
Here's the helm -
the two wheels allow
for more manpower
The lines are kept
well organized
Catheads are used in handling  the anchors
constitution-1017.jpg (68278 bytes) constitution-1021.jpg (46218 bytes) constitution-1025.jpg (38642 bytes)
The worm and rammer are
used to clean and load
the cannons
Some Navy guides
wear period uniforms
Various types of shot
for the cannons
constitution-1026.jpg (72324 bytes) constitution-1027.jpg (60067 bytes) constitution-1033.jpg (54711 bytes)
A manually-operated
bilge pump
The grog tub held the grog -
a daily ration for each man
Here' the scuttle butt - the
ship's water fountain
constitution-1037.jpg (88892 bytes) constitution-1022.jpg (83964 bytes) constitution-1075.jpg (56383 bytes)
Polite Navy seamen are the
tour guides
Constitution's bow against
the Boston skyline
USS Constitution - as seen
from the water


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