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By: Dave Clancy

About Me

As a kid growing up in Wisconsin, I developed a keen interest in shipwrecks. Although there were few wrecks in the area, I hoped that some day I would realize my dream and become a shipwreck explorer. My heroes at the time were Mike Nelson (Sea Hunt) and Jacques Cousteau. A few years later, I moved to New England, became a certified diver and was on my way. I joined a diving club (the South Shore Neptunes) and gradually made friends with a number of wreck divers. They took me out exploring and taught me how to do research and find wrecks on my own. Ever since then, I've been hooked. It has been great fun and a wonderful learning experience. 

Over the years I've explored dozens of wrecks in New England and other places around the world. Some are old ships that sank years ago. Others are modern vessels. But they all have interesting histories. And the incidents responsible for their sinking are often dramatic and sometimes tragic.

A few years back, I moved to Florida. From a diver's point of view, the waters of  Florida are much clearer and warmer than those of New England. And of course, Florida has shipwrecks too. But to my way of thinking, the wrecks of New England are the best! In fact, I believe that so strongly, that every once in a while I head north and jump in that ice-cold water... in search of another New England shipwreck.

Author hunting shipwrecks

About this Website

Over the years, my wreck diving experiences have gotten me involved in many fascinating projects. And along the way, my friends and dive buddies have taught me everything I know about the subject. Without their help and coaching, I never would have accumulated the collection of shipwreck information and experiences that I have today.

For years I've thought about ways to pass this information on to others. I considered writing a book, but never seemed to find the time or inclination. Then along came the Internet Age and I found the answer in creating this Web site. Many of my friends and fellow divers are helping out with the project too. They are contributing their time and talents as editors, artists, etc., as well as their collections of historical information and pictures. You can find their names on our Contributors page.

If this is your first visit to this site, you may find its content somewhat overwhelming. In addition to many pages of  information on wrecks, we've included a variety of background and related stuff. To make the site interesting and fun, we've kept the historical descriptions short and added lots of pictures. Also, we've included a Message Board, where you can post and read messages on wreck-related subjects.

All in all, we hope you will enjoy the site and tell your friends about it. And since a site like this is never complete, we hope you'll help us out by sending in some new information and pictures.

Good luck and safe diving!

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