A dramatic shipwreck rescue
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argomerchant-noaa-larger.jpg (62810 bytes) DSC00494022.jpg (20624 bytes) atlantic-currier-angloboerwarmuseum.com.jpg (60277 bytes)
The tanker Argo Merchant
wrecked off Massachusetts
in 1976
An 8 reale cob coin
from the Auguste - wrecked off Cape Breton Island in 1761
The SS Atlantic wrecked 
off Halifax, Nova Scotia
in 1880 with 562 fatalities
hesper-lutherlittle-3-1976.jpg (125760 bytes) ns-chart5-rev2.gif (30144 bytes) AlcoaPuritan-sidescan-c&c.jpg (119569 bytes)
The schooners Hesper and
Luther Little rotting away
on the Maine coast in 1976
Wreck map of Cape Breton Island - Nova Scotia Sidescan sonar image of the 
Alcoa Puritan  - sunk in the
Gulf of Mexico in 1942
squalus-nyt2.JPG (65601 bytes) uss-hatteras.jpg (41506 bytes) u505-illus-HiRez-MSI.jpg (354547 bytes)
33 crewmen were rescued from 
the sunken sub USS Squalus 
off New Hampshire in 1939
The USS Hattaras (left)
burned and sank off 
Galveston, Texas in 1863
A WW-II German U-boat...
several were sunk off the U.S.
and Canadian coast
StoltSurf-karstenpetersen.jpg (57908 bytes) andreadoria-life.jpg (25552 bytes) The_Life_Line_1884_Winslow_Homer.jpg (178184 bytes)
Tanker Stolt Surf
battling an ocean storm
(Karsten Petersen)
The Andrea Doria sinking
off Massachusetts in 1956
(Life Magazine)
Painting The Life Line
by Winslow Homer
(Philadelphia Museum of Art)

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